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Starstrum, Koala's Campfire Songs & Activities
For Ages 4+

By Anna Goldthorpe

This book was written for Preschoolers to early Elementary Age with their needs in mind.  This age group loves playing, exploring, dancing, coloring and singing!  Students will go on an Australian Adventure to learn the Ukulele.  Included is our signature loveable Ukulele Buddy which can be easily attached to the Ukulele to help the student learn the strings.  This book features:

  • Chord to Chord Practice Pages

  • 11 Songs

  • Games

  • Finger Strengthening Exercises

  • Practice Tracker

  • 1 Finger Chords/Chord Chart

Christmas Song & Activity Book (1).png

Starstrum, A Uke Christmas
For Ages 4+

By Anna Goldthorpe

This book is ideal for ages 4+ or those just beginning their journey on Ukulele. The fun activities and easy chords and tabs make this the perfect book for your young Ukulele students. With Christmas recitals, teachers need materials that make prep light and easy and save them time. This book will provide you the whole lesson content each week for several weeks leading up to Christmas. This book features:

  • Written Exercises to Prep the Student for Each Song

  • 7 Songs

  • Games

  • Parts of the Ukulele/Coloring

  • Practice Tracker

  • 1 Finger Chords

  • Composing Pages

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