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Your Ukulele needs a Buddy!

Updated: May 14, 2022


As as Ukulele teacher, you've probably ran into the problem more than once, of your student not knowing the string names. Try as they might, they just can't remember what they are. You might know a cute song you can teach them to help them remember or a fun saying that helps jog their memory. While these are both great options to help your student remember the strings on the Ukulele; there's a tool that can help solve this problem!

We've created a fun tool that's easy to attach to your Ukulele. It's cute, lovable and helps your student remember those string names at all times! It's our Ukulele Buddy! Our signature Ukulele Buddy is a lovable Koala that happily sits on top of the nut behind your students strings to lovingly remind them which string is which. Your student will love holding their Ukulele knowing their Buddy is with them every step of the way!

You can download this buddy here. There is also a free Ukulele Buddy included with every Starstrum book upon purchase. Simply, print, cut it out and slide it behind the strings at the head of your Ukulele and attach the tabs to one another at the back.

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