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Make Your Studio Magical this St. Patrick's Day!

I love St. Patrick's Day! Not only because celebrating another culture other than my own is awesome, but because I also love to wear green and go watch our local St. Patrick's Day Parade. It also offers something magical to my studio....another chance to retain my students and keep them coming back for more!

Are you struggling keeping students in your studio? Do they start lessons with excitement only to quit a month or two later? I had this struggle when I first started my private studio and I couldn't figure out why they were quitting. A lot of private studio's have a revolving door. This happens for many reasons which we won't get into here. I will however, focus on how you can stop that revolving door!

The key is having lots of things to celebrate with your students and keeping them motivated, having fun and coming back for more! Play games, celebrate holidays, play holiday music, be goofy, give prizes, give holiday themed prizes, communicate well with parents by sending them pics, encouraging comments about their students and teaching them how to encourage their own kids in music lessons. Plan a fun lesson for your students!

Luckily, I have the perfect solution for you this St. Patrick's Day! I have created some fun games, composing pages, songs, and activities for you to use with your young Ukulele students! My newest addition to the Starstrum store is our St. Patrick's Day Ukulele Song Pack! It includes 3 songs set to Nursery Rhymes or Hymns (familiar tunes) to make it easy to learn. These are instant wins for your studio because your students will have fun, celebrate a holiday and the magic of student retention will be yours!

Here are the video tutorial's for all three songs. Feel free to use them with your studio or send as a link for your students to practice with! Your students will be so motivated to practice along! You'll have an easy planning week and your students will keep coming back for more from their awesome teacher!



We hope you and your students make some magic this St. Patrick's Day with these fun songs! Don't forget to go check out our other St. Patrick's Day Games and activities at our Teachers Pay Teachers Store here.

We love helping you and your students strum for joy! Thanks for reading friends!

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