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Available Now! A Uke Christmas-Song & Activity Book for ages 4+

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

It's here! A Uke Christmas - Song and Activity Book for ages 4+. Ukulele for Beginners.

By Anna G.

When kids pick up the ukulele, they want to be able to play it right away! Being able to play a song right away can be one of the biggest motivating factors for any beginner!

Did you know that Christmas Music is one of the biggest motivators for more practice on the Ukulele? Christmas time can see students up their practice game and motivation by learning fun and festive Christmas Songs!

Starstrum has brought these two highly motivating factors into one book so that your young students can feel like they are Ukulele Rock stars! Using our easy 3 chord approach, along with tab writing activities to learn the melody of each song; your students will soar into Christmas season ready to practice and sing along with their favorite Christmas tunes.

Our newly updated 2nd edition of A Uke Christmas is available now here

A Uke Christmas comes with our signature Ukulele Buddy pictured here.

Ukulele Buddy helps beginning students learn their string names quick and find where to put their fingers to create chords and melodies easily. Kids love attaching these Ukulele Buddies to their Ukulele's. One is included inside every Starstrum Book.

Click here to buy now, or continue reading for a sneak peak inside!

A Uke Christmas Preview: A look inside the book!

  1. Activity Pages help kids learn more about the ukulele in a way that every child loves; coloring!

2. Strumming Patterns set kids up to learn how to keep a steady rhythm as they play.

3. Christmas Music that kids love to play. These songs come with chords and tabs to learn finger dexterity and the fret board. It also allows teacher and student to play duets together. Each song has an activity page to help them understand the chords and tabs they will encounter in each song.

4. Practice Tracker and Completion Certificate: Coloring in a christmas tree every time they practice will help them stay motivated to finish the book by Christmas! Reward your students for finishing the book with a fun completion certificate.

Head on over to Amazon to buy A Uke Christmas Now! Your students of all ages will love the fun activities and songs they will learn to play in this book for Christmas!

Help your students strum for joy this Christmas and grab your copy and a copy for each of your students today!

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