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3 Great Ukulele's for Kids at 3 different price points.

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Let's face it, there are so many Ukulele's on the market to chose from these days. It can be hard to know where to start in looking for the right Ukulele to purchase for your beginner student. I've broken it down to 3 great options at 3 different price points, to help you make the final decision.

There are of course the top Hawaiian brands of Ukulele's to purchase which you can't go wrong with by any means. These are often handmade from the finest quality koa wood and ebony inlay. The price tag on these beautiful instruments can get up to the $1000.00 range. As a music teacher and mom, I know the wisdom in not going with the most expensive instrument first. It's often something you build up to over time as you advance at your instrument. So, these 3 options are great for beginners.


The Donner U-Starter Concert Ukulele beginner set is my top recommendation for a beginner student. This set up comes with everything your beginner student needs. Tuner, strings, pick, strap and carry bag. It's unique head design is designed to look like the electric guitar which gives this Ukulele the "cool" factor. It comes in 4 different colors. It's made of high quality Canadian Maple wood and the fretboard ebony inlay is the same material Martin Guitars use on their instruments. This means that the instrument is unlikely to crack, warp or scratch under various temperature's or humidity.

This ukulele is also easy to hold for beginners as it has a larger body. A concert ukulele has a longer neck giving students more control of how they hold it and wrap their hands around it. I would class this as an Upper Mid-Range instrument for it's high quality materials, warm sound, and craftsmanship. This is a great price, as an instrument from other brands at this quality would be in the $100-$200 dollar range or more. Also, a bonus when you buy this set, it comes with online lessons on the Donner Music App.


The Kala Color Chord Soprano Ukulele is a fantastic option for those really just wanting to try the instrument out. My favorite thing about this ukulele is the color coded chords already marked on the ukulele for you. This helps you or your student find the chord very easily and quickly. It comes with a carry bag, and starter guide. You can also download the Kala App for tuner and learning songs rite away. The app does require a subscription. The color coded chord system can really work well for beginners who need more visuals as they learn.

This ukulele is very small. It's a soprano but is a bit smaller than most other soprano Ukulele's. It can be a little hard to hold due to its tiny size as a beginner. For kids with small hands however, it works perfect! It has that light bouncy sound you would want from any good Soprano Ukulele. The other great thing about this Ukulele is that it's made of composite material so it's virtually indestructible. You could play it anywhere in any environment.


Hola! Ukulele's are very popular due to their vibrant color choices, which kids absolutely love! The soprano is small, perfect for little hands and comes in just about any color you can imagine! It comes with a carry bag, strap, picks and best of all 2 months of free online lessons! This makes this ukulele my top choice for best value.

This ukulele is made out of Rosewood, Maple, Walnut and Mahogany. It can warp, scratch and bend in certain climates. Very lightweight and easy to carry anywhere you go.

It comes with high quality nylon strings which gives off a pleasant, bouncy sound you would expect from the Ukulele. The strap clips to your ukulele for ease of holding while building up good ukulele posture. This is one of the lower price ranged Ukulele's you will find online that is still good quality. Overall, the perfect instrument for your beginner student.

My final tip: When you purchase any Ukulele, you will need to tune it at least 15-30 times before it will hold it's tune. Make sure you utilize the tuner or the app that comes with any of these great Ukulele's to tune your instrument every time you play. The tuning for any Soprano, Concert or Tenor Ukulele is the same. GCEA (G is the string closest to your chin and A is the string closest to your lap). Yes, the G is meant to sound higher than the C and E strings. Stay tuned for more great Ukulele articles from Starstrum! Our passion is to help you and your students strum for joy! Thanks for reading! I'd love to hear from you so comment below to say hi!

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